Setting up a business in Dubai


You need help setting up a business in Dubai?

You need help setting up a business in Dubai?

Setting up a Business in DUBAI

My 25 years of entrepreneurial knowledge in 12 video modules

Setting up a business in Dubai

For who?...For start-up entrepreneurs

Why choose Marc?

Setting up a Business in Dubai - My knowledge in 12 Modules

My name is Marc, a youthful 57-year-old Dutch entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. Currently residing in Dubai, I have founded multiple companies and implemented successful reorganizations to enhance business performance. By setting up a business in Dubai, I take a hands-on approach to my work, offering my extensive knowledge to startups. While I don’t claim to know everything, I have acquired a wealth of expertise in various aspects of entrepreneurship, including business inception, organization, sales, marketing, business plan development, and managing large teams. I possess substantial knowledge of website development and efficiently improving their ranking through Google SEO.


Get a head start with entrepreneurship

In my video modules, I have incorporated most of my knowledge in the most practical way possible. With the intention that you will benefit from it. I indicate how I see things and how I approach things. And of course I don’t know everything! I have also made mistakes in my 25 years as an entrepreneur. I want to protect you from these mistakes and make sure you get it right the first time! Watch my video modules and get a head start on your entrepreneurial career! 

My 25 years of entrepreneurial knowledge in 12 video modules

I have helped many entrepreneurs

Having assisted numerous fellow entrepreneurs, I have decided to package my knowledge into 12 video modules, allowing others to benefit from the lessons learned through my mistakes and successes. By implementing approximately 80% of my insights, you can significantly expedite your business growth, saving you valuable time equivalent to several decades. With my extensive experience spanning multiple industries, I possess the know-how to navigate various challenges. If you are embarking on a business venture in Dubai, acquiring my knowledge will provide you with a head start, increasing your chances of achieving success.

Grab your video support modules now and let me help you to be successful in Dubai!

Marc's experiences

Fouder of my own transport company operates with 6 locations, overseen. Worked as an Operations Manager, Industrial Engineering Manager, Logistic Manager, Area Manager, Sales Director, and CEO.

I created numerous websites and online stores, optimizing them with my IT team and SEO expert. Additionally, I founded companies spanning various sectors like Logistics, Temporary Employment, Retail, Events, Coaching, Car Sales, Leasing, and E-commerce platforms.

Held leadership roles in recruitment agencies, leasing, and car companies across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates.

Setting up a Business in Dubai

For Setting up a Business in Dubai our team is ready!

To set up your business properly in Dubai, we have a professional team ready. They each have their own specialties. We arrange everything from A to Z and you have only one point of contact. We advise you every step of the way and stay in close contact. Well taken care of! If you need more information, please contact me. Also if you need a private business coach, face to face or online, book a free intro private business consult. 

Setting up a Business in Dubai with exclusive WhatsApp contact

Introducing Exclusive WhatsApp Business Subscriptions for Personal Contact with Marc! Are you looking for personalized guidance to start or improve your business? Look no further! With our limited subscriptions, you can now have direct access to Marc via WhatsApp Business. Take advantage of long-term Business Support and Coaching from the comfort of your own device.

If you’re seeking an extra Question and Answer session, a coach, a sparring partner, or a companion while doing business, this subscription is perfect for you! For a small monthly fee, I will be by your side, offering unwavering support for setting up a business in Dubai.

Booking this limited service is simple. Just sign up for a three-month subscription and gain immediate access to my assistance and guidance via WhatsApp. It’s a quick, easy, and effective way to receive the help you need. Typically, a few conversations with a business coach could cost you thousands of dirhams, but with this subscription, you can save while still receiving valuable advice and assistance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to accelerate your business growth by setting up a business in Dubai. Let me be your dedicated support system every step of the way. Book your subscription now and unlock the benefits of having a trusted advisor at your fingertips.

Your private WhatsApp Business Coach at the side line!

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Some client reviews


Bart Elders - the Netherlands


I got in touch with Marc through a friend. It clicked immediately and I was very well helped with arranging everything to set up my business in Dubai. His support on a lot of things was really super arranged. Fine and fast communication. Thanks Marc for helping to start a business in Dubai!


Collin Brasley - UK


Through the Internet, I came across Marc. He has a lot of knowledge and experience (I have seen all his video’s), unbelievable, and he gave me many personal, usable tips. Also his vision on certain things got me thinking and I did make some adjustments in my strategy. Marc coached me very well and helped and explained me with setting up my website and how to be found in google. Even arranged my health insurance through Marc with a German insurer. I will stay in contact with him because for me it is a real added value! Highly recommended!


Koen van Opstalen - Belgium


Before I knew my way around Dubai a bit, I was several weeks away. When I was looking for a company to help me arrange everything, I saw Marc come by. I watched his videos and really benefited from them. Separate perspective and definitely very helpful to me. I also had a lot of contact with his business app that I subscribed to for several months, very helpful when I was stuck with something I couldn’t figure out on my own. Soon he will also help me with a new web shop. He also figured out and took care of many different things for me, like social media set up, and helped with the SEO. Top guy for me.